Teddy bear Shih tzu for Sale

Connie is a tiny teddy bear shih tzu puppy for sale who was born in the Puppy Love Connection Network of families. Connie was raised in our family until he was ten weeks old, and we enjoyed playing with him so much. Connie now lives in his forever home in Maple Ridge. Imagine if you were bringing home a puppy dog like him. It’s a lot of fun owning a puppy like Connie, and a lot of work too. One must be prepared for things like house training the puppy, which can take up to a year or longer for a puppy dog to be fully house trained. It depends on the dog itself, some take longer than others to get the hang of what’s expected from the humans. Hope you give Connie here a high five- he’s off to a good start as a beloved pet.

shih tzu teddy bear haircut

shih tzu teddy bear haircut

Additional Info
Price $600
Owner: Laverne E. Kyzer
Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15219

There’s nothing like the charm of a Teddy Bear. They comfort us when we’re lonely. Help us say “congratulations”, “get well” or “happy birthday. And they’re always the perfect way to show someone you love them.

But did you know thousands of them are abandoned at consignment shops, flea markets and second-hand stores? In fact, some shops receive so many homeless stuffed animals that many are simply thrown away!

Teddy bear shih tzu puppies and Adoption

Hi, I’m Laverne and I’ve been collecting stuffed animals (new and pre-loved) my whole life. Until recently, I didn’t realize there was such an overpopulation problem. I started Rescued Teddies because I believe every stuffed animal deserves to be loved.

Now I spend my free time searching for shih tzu puppy for sale and rescues in second-hand stores and finding them new forever homes.

And you know what? I’m having the time of my life!

It’s like a treasure hunt, only instead of looking for gold, I search for stuffed animals in need of a new home. There’s just something rewarding about finding those adorable teddy bear gems hidden among an assortment of ordinary toys.

How About Having Your Own Treasure Hunt?

If you love stuffed animals as much as I do, I hope you’ll join me in my quest to rescue as many of them as possible. Throughout this site you’ll find information on starting your own treasure hunt as well as lots of fun tips and information.

What you’ll find here:

Where to search for pre-loved stuffed animals.
How to clean your stuffed animals.
Simple ideas for your next party or project.
The tragic story that started it all
Heartwarming Success Stories.
Fun Contests
The adorable rescues ready for adoption

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