Teacup shih tzu puppies for sale in NC

Teacup shih tzu puppies for sale in nc, tremendous sweet, excellent bite! excellent temperament! Dad and mom are awesome! he is going to come with 2 vaccinations and a number of other dewormings. Micro-chipped in addition to a Genetic Health Ensure.

Age: three months
Bloodline: Global Qualified 4/14
Price: $2200
Additional info
Offered by Judith
Address North Carolina

Shih tzu puppies for sale in nc 101

I am delighted you have taken the time to visit our listing! My goal is to raise happy, well socialized puppies that will be your family’s perfect companion! Our Shih Tzus are members of our family-not just breeding dogs-and are kept inside our home year round. Their puppies are raised in our living room- surrounded by our family, handled daily by our children and exposed to other pets. They will arrive to your home comfortable with all the noises and happenings of a busy household! I fell in love with Shih Tzus-particularly, Chocolate, or Liver, Shih Tzus! Our Akc Registered Stud, Truffles, is a shining example of what a liver shih tzu should be. He has perfect breed conformation and an adorable disposition to boot! He is such a cuddle bug and very well mannered! Our CKC Registered Dams, Brownie and Cocoa (both Livers) and Macy (solid black), also conform perfectly to breed standard and are attentive, loving, happy Mamas!

We are Hobbybreeders with housepet/homeraised shih tzus! We’re quite few &amp do not always offer puppies. For availability, check our Shih tzu available for sale page. When And we don’t have puppies available, you will note posted puppies which is available from our friends, using their details, and city/state locations. Sometimes they’ll be puppies created from stud services we provided, other breeds available from friends, in addition to designer breeds. When a friend’s puppies are on my nursery page, you will see contact information posted with photos &amp general information about their litter. Please follow instructions to contact them directly.

Our Teacup Shih Tzu for Sale, are very special babies! They are Teacup, Imperial, Champion pedigree, with AKC registration papers. They are quality puppies, with wonderful personalities and they are super cuddly.

We prefer buyers arrive at home when obtaining a puppy from us. If it isn’t a choice, we are going to consider flying your dog or driving to fulfill you. Flight costs, or shipping travel costs will probably be an extra expense. Before a puppy is delivered (either flown or driven) you need your puppy’s purchase cost and shipping costs paid Fully before I travel to deliver or before flight arrangements are manufactured.

Our Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale are now sold on contract agreements which specify if it is being sold with breeding rights or as pet. Prices vary upon each individual puppy. Prices start at $650. Each puppy will be priced according to it’s qualities, such as uncommon coat colors, eye colors & pigments. Each puppy we feature for sale is healthy, vaccinations kept current, wormed on schedule, & safe topical flea/tick/chewinglice/mosquito repellants are used on my dogs and puppies. They’re well socialized, & potty training techniques go into affect at age 5weeks. Leash acquainting (with safety harness and leash) is begun between ages 6 & 8 weeks.

Since our breeders are multi-registered (AKC, CKC & APRI) I am able to accommodate you with papers of a 2nd, or 2nd&3rd additional registry with a price increase of $50 per each additional registry requested. Individual puppy’s pedigree sheets will also be available at an additional charge of $25. This additional papers option is ONLY available for BREEDER purchases. This option is NOT available for PET purchases, unless you can justify the need of additional registry’s papers for your pet.

Our puppies are sold as pets, with Limited AKC. Full Registration is available at an additional cost to approved breeders. After contract has been signed by the buyer, & reviewed by our family, your purchase will be considered. If you don’t want to buy a puppy on a contract/agreement, then you need to puppy shop somewhere else. WE LOVE our dogs & do what we feel is in the best interests for their futures.

It is incredible that amount of scammers that are out there. They mostly text wanting you to email all of the information with your actual street address and name. why would you need this information with the first text you send asking about a puppy??? Why would I email all the pictures of the puppies and include all the basic information my text when I have a fully functioning cell phone friendly web address.

I am very friendly and polite. I ask everyone that reaches me by text to first visit our site read the information provided on the puppies see their posted pictures and then start asking questions that are not on the website. With 30 + people each day contacting you it is hard to see who is and isn’t real ( a scammer) This is the only reason I ask that you first see all the information I have provided on our site. This is also something I am proud of if a potential puppy parent visits the site they will see first hand how loved these babies are. I personally spend hours each week updating our ads and website and responding to email.

I decide to put a website up to answer all the questions of who we are and what we are about. This does two things first it is so each puppy parent has a large amount of information before they make a decision to buy a shih Tzu. Secondly, it literally saves me 2 hours each day answering individual emails and text with the same information I have on our website. So please when I respond with please see out website for all details, puppy pictures and pricing I am not putting you off or trying to be rude I am only trying to give you the opportunity to see and answer everything that could be missed in an email or text message. I ask that after you visit our site if you are still interested in a specific puppy to fill out a puppy questionnaire and submit vie the contact box or email with the name of the pup you are interested in.

This eliminated all scammers. Funny hoe they only want personal information not puppy related information. So this is my rant only because it is Sunday and 9am. I have had 2 scammers text me and its aggravating! Don’t even get me started on the weirdo’s that call wanting to know how many puppies you had and if you had to asset in the breeding to get the male ready!! ughhh! seriously.

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  1. Carol Speizman says:

    We are an older couple who would love ❤️ a little teacup. But need an older one. We can not seem to train a new puppy. We are looking for a companion. You have such wonderful puppies I was hoping you could help us. Carol

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