Small Shih tzu puppies for sale in Indiana

Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Indiana. This cute Shih Tzu puppy is set for his or her without end residence. He is vetting checked and dewormed, vaccinated on July 2016. An incredible addition to any property, He can be fun, lovable and obtain along great with youngsters and various animals.


Additional info

Price $800
Offered By Clara S. Ohearn
Address Evansville, IN 47708

Before purchasing a shih tzu puppy please call your veterinarian and ask what are their prices for the first year of a puppy’s life, what would they recommend for vaccinations and neuter/spay age and cost. Ask the questions of a professional vet what they think you will be spending on the puppy for its first year. Remember the first 2 visits are already taken care of we have provided you with the shots, the working and the dewclaws along with the pre placement health screening. Though our prices may seem high to some for the people that truly understand what goes into each and everyone of our puppies the price is standard and reasonable for what you are paying for.

We don’t sell $300.00 Shih Tzu’s because we don’t own sub standard quality Shih Tzu’s. I am proud of my Shih Tzu parents It took me a long time to find what I was looking for in my breeding stock. If you are looking for a specific Shih Tzu that I cannot provide e.i Color or larger size let me know I might be able to forward you to another breeder in our area. Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my post. As always any question just ask!

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