Shih tzu puppies for sale NY (1 chocolate Males and 2 Females)

Shih tzu puppies for sale in NY, 1 chocolate Males and 2 Females are available at this time. They are expected to weight between 7-10lbs. Puppy parents are Kathryn and Eddie. This is the 3rd mating between these two they have produced 6-1/2lbs puppies up to 10lbs. Kathryn comes form a long line of Imperial Shih Tzu her parents weighing in at 8lbs. She is very short legged and compact little body. Super flat face and the perfect up turned nose. Eddie is a stocky built male with a longer torso then Kathryn. He is very loyal and obedient. Both parents been to the veterinarian for regular vet check ups and vaccinations, as will their puppies before going home. We will provide 3 visits to the Vet and necessary vaccinations and worming when needed.

Additional info
Offered By Edwin C. Shaw
Address West Nyack, NY 10994
Males Limited Registration $750.00
Females Limited Registration $850.00
Full Registration rights start at $1,200.00 and up.
Limited registration AKC papers will be provided to new puppy parent only after proof of spay/neuter from licensed veterinarian see contract for details.
Full Registration AKC papers will be provided to new puppy parent at time of placement.

A lot goes into raising our Shih Tzu’s. Three Veterinary visits before your puppy goes home insures the very best start to his life. Dew claw removal, early vaccinations and necessary medication is taken care of for you before your little one goes home. Certification from a license vet insures your new puppy is free from any medical issues. Your new puppy will also go home with a one year health guarantee. As a new puppy parent follow up care is required to keep them healthy.

We are often questioned about our pricing for our Shih Tzu’s. I would like to know that we are not the Shih Tzu’s you see in your Sunday paper.Our breeding program focuses on Quality small standard Shih Tzu’s we do not have more then 2 litters a year. We do not put breeding over the health and well being of our Females. Eddie and Kathryn are our number one priorities. We screen our puppy parents to make sure each one of our little fur babies are going into a loving long term home. We do not place our puppies with Breeders or people unwilling to fill out a questionnaire. This is for the safety and well being of our puppies. We put a lot of work into our breeding program and have constantly produced Amazing Small Standard Shih Tzu’s under 10 lbs.

Please feel free to call your veterinarian and ask them what they charge for office visits and the sets of puppy shots required to keep your new puppy healthy. Once you see how much we have invested both time and monetary you will understand our prices and the importance of buying from a reliable, trustworthy breeder and not your Sunday paper classified.

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  1. Cathy Errett says:

    Interested in a female chocolate colored puppy with limited registration. She will be our pet not to breed or show. Where in NY are you located. We live in Chautauqua NY. Please give pictures and details. Thank you

    • Rebecca says:

      At this time we have been so very busy with work and play and puppies that I have not kept up on the blog. For this please accept my apologize. I have however been able to spend all my free time loving and playing with the babies. They are going to be pre spoiled before getting to their new homes. I have an overwhelming response over the weekend after placing a few ads online that I was not able to answer each one of the emails with uploaded copies of each of the pictures I had of the available puppies.

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