Shih tzu adoption

Since we have had some new folks joining us lately, and some others rejoining us, and others who haven’t been with us that long, and even more that have been here for a bit..I thought it might be nice to reintroduce our pups to everyone. I hope everyone will join in and share a bit about our sweet babies so everyone can get to know them a bit better! smile.gif
I have 4 Shih tzu for adoption:

Rally–A 11 year old 1/2 Lhasa-Apso/tzu. I call him the “Sheriff”. He doesn’t like excitement, or rambunctious behavior! He will always put a stop to that! But he is a very loyal dog, and very sweet. He loves all people, but not other dogs.

Payslee–A red/liver Shih-tzu who is a year old. She loves to run as fast as she can! She is a very bright little tzu, and smiles a lot. She likes to visit my hospice friend, and she loves to bite Sawyer all the time. She is a smaller tzu, and even though Sawyer could take her in a good fight, he never does because she is the alpha at a whopping 6.5 pounds! Payslee is a certified therapy dog and has been visiting the nursing homes, assisted living center, VA hospitals, and recently the hospitals to help with Physical therapy..She is great at therapy work, always so patient with people, and happy to see them. Payslee is a sassy Princess baby.

Sawyer–A Brindle Shih-tzu who is a year old. He is such a sweet boy. He loves morning time when he wakes up and puts his arms around my neck to give me a hug. He is very floppy, and loves to be carried on my hip. He loves to play with anyone who will play with him, and he will let them drag him around if they want to. He loves all people and all other animals. He’s a good little man, but often forgets what he is doing and has several “Blonde Moments” throughout the day! Sawyer got his therapy certification in September, and while he likes going..he doesn’t like therapy work quite as much as Payslee..He’s kind of more into ‘himself’..

Pandora–My sweet Pandora went to Rainbow Bridge Oct 1 of last year. She is the one who led me to the Shih-tzu Breed, as I didn’t even know what a Tzu was when I adopted Pan. She was a 10 year old black and white Tzu that made me laugh every single day! She loved to play with all her toys and sling them around and fling them into the air. Pandora was a rescue from the animal shelter where they found her in the trash can. Someone had actually shot at her with BB’s, but she was the sweetest girl ever, and still managed to love all people, even though she had been through so much. I had her for 9 of her 10 years, and each day was a joy with her.

If you are interested in one of the shih tzu for adoption, please fill out a puppy application. Interviews will be granted once your application has been approved and will be scheduled based upon the order in which your application was received. Pick of the litter will be reserved for the first scheduled interview. I will post pictures of the puppies when they are born, but a puppy may not be reserved until you come to meet the litter once they are 3 weeks old. Your deposit will be due the day you come to pick your puppy. If at all possible, I recommend that you visit the litter as often as you can. The puppy you choose will have a chance to get acquainted with you and your scent and will make the transition to a new home much easier.

Shih tzu puppies for adoption rules

I will not ship my puppies. Part of the adoption process includes a personal interview, therefore, I must meet all future owners. I highly encourage you to make an appointment to meet me and my dogs before the litter is born. That way, you’ll see what type of environment the puppies will be raised in and have a chance to bond with the dam. She will be much more comfortable with you handling her puppies if she has a chance to get to know you.

I will sell my puppies to families with children. Shih Tzu are known to be very patient and loving with children, but it is still important that I meet every member of your family so I can get a better idea of who I will be releasing a puppy to. If you are purchasing a puppy for your child, please understand that you as the adult will be the primary care giver of the puppy and it is your responsibility to make sure the puppy lives a healthy life in a safe environment. Children under 13 may handle the puppies in my home, but only with supervision.

If you are purchasing a puppy as a surprise gift for someone, I strongly advise against it. When selecting a puppy, it’s very important for the owner to feel a connection with the puppy. The puppy you pick out may be a good fit for you, but not for the person you’re buying it for. As a solution, I will sell you a gift certificate for a puppy for you to give as a surprise. That person may then come to meet the litter and pick the puppy of their choice. However, before I sell a gift certificate, I must be convinced that the person who will be taking the puppy will provide the puppy with a good home.

Many breeders tend to price their puppies based on gender, color, and size. I have never understood this practice. Just because a certain gender or coat color is more desirable doesn’t mean that it is worth more. The standard says that all colors are acceptable in the show ring and should be treated equally. Therefore, when I decide on a price, it is applied toward the entire litter, unless you are purchasing breeding rights. There is also one standard for the Shih Tzu. My puppies are not less or more expensive just because it is larger or smaller than its litter mates. Prices may vary from litter to litter to accommodate the cost for raising that litter. With that in mind, that is why I do not list prices. Please e-mail for more information about my prices on puppies and stud service. Also, I do not “price match.” I have been asked if I price match with other breeders who have the exact same thing I have, but for a lower price.

First, no breeder is going to have exactly the same thing that another breeder has. Second, breeders have logical reasons for setting their prices. In all honesty, not much fortune is to be made from breeding. Any reputable breeder will breed strictly for the love and betterment of the breed and not for monetary gain. However, it is nice to be reimbursed for the time and effort put into all of the research done prior to breeding and then caring for the litter. I know many breeders and none of them price match. I stand behind my puppies 100% and I will not sacrifice their future love and care just to make a sale or to keep up with the “competition.” Again, if you have questions regarding my prices and want an explanation of why I have certain prices, please take the time to e-mail me before jumping straight into a negotiation.

The earliest release date for a puppy is 9 weeks of age. Your puppy will receive its first set of shots at 6 weeks and will also come with a “puppy packet” full of pictures, information on the parents and the rest of the litter, and a recommended vaccination schedule. Your puppy will also come with a toy that has been played with by all of its litter mates and that has its mother’s scent on it. Also included will be a couple of days worth of puppy food. Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and registration papers will not be given until proof of alteration has been sent to me by your vet.

Please note, if one of my dogs is registered only with the CKC but is bred with an AKC Shih Tzu, the puppies can only be registered with the CKC. I have stated which registry my dogs are registered with through out the site. For now, I can only provide CKC puppies but I am in the process of purchasing an AKC male and female to provide AKC puppies as well. However, those will not be available for a few years. If you are searching for an AKC puppy, I will gladly refer you to another breeder.