Puppy application

This is the first step toward owning one of our Shih Tzu puppies. Answering the following questions will give me an idea of who I, and my dogs, will be meeting in the event a personal interview is scheduled. Please answer each question as truthfully as possible. I want to make it clear that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions and I am not looking for one specific answer. Each question does serve a purpose and if there’s a question you don’t understand or don’t agree with me asking, please e-mail or call me and I will clarify any confusion. It is important to match my puppies to the best owner possible and answering truthfully will benefit both parties in the long run. Please provide your contact information in the space provided. Feel free to only provide your preferred method of contact. Your first and last name and at least one of the three methods of contact are required. Reservation of a puppy is decided after you have come for a personal interview. Please note, filling out the application does not reserve a spot on the waiting list. You will be added to the waiting list after my dogs and I have had a chance to meet you.

NOTE: Before proceeding to fill out the application, please be sure you are serious about purchasing one of my puppies. I try hard not to charge an application fee, and would prefer to keep it that way. If you have any doubts what so ever, please e-mail me with your questions so I can clear up any confusion before you fill out the application. Thanks for understanding!