Maltese shih tzu puppies for sale in Victoria

Maltese shih tzu puppies for sale in Victoria

Maltese shih tzu puppies for sale

A friend of mine has an older male maltese x shih tzu puppy (9 months)  available to the perfect forever homes. This cute maltese shitzu very well-bred with Ch. sires and dams, lovely temperaments and very healthy and happy. The puppy will go at a very low price (which includes his neutering) and the adult male will go for the price of the neuter (which in her area is about the price of a well-puppy exam around here!). Please contact me if you have any interest and I will supply more details.

Additional info

Price $700
Offered By Zara Glassop
Address TOORA VIC 3962

What’s Included with your pup?
* Limited Registration Papers
* Vaccination and Health Checkup Receipt
* Puppy Blanket and or toy
* Puppy kit featuring helpful how to care for your puppy guides, suggestions and pet food coupons
* Sample Puppy food
* Free month of pet insurance when you provide your email
* Free pet vet checkup
* Health guarantee

Bring him home today. He is a doll faced cutie- pie!

We are often questioned about our pricing for our Shih Tzu’s. I would like to know that we are not the Shih Tzu’s you see in your Sunday paper. Our breeding program focuses on Quality small standard Shih Tzu’s we do not have more then 2 litters a year. We do not put breeding over the health and well being of our Females. Eddie and Kathryn are our number one priorities. We screen our puppy parents to make sure each one of our little fur babies are going into a loving long term home. We do not place our puppies with Breeders or people unwilling to fill out a questionnaire. This is for the safety and well being of our puppies. We put a lot of work into our breeding program and have constantly produced Amazing Small Standard Shih Tzu’s under 10 lbs.

Please feel free to call your veterinarian and ask them what they charge for office visits and the sets of puppy shots required to keep your new puppy healthy. Once you see how much we have invested both time and monetary you will understand our Maltese shih tzu puppies for sale prices and the importance of buying from a reliable, trustworthy breeder and not your Sunday paper classified.

Puppies are now sold on contract agreements which specify if it is being sold with breeding rights or as pet. Prices vary upon each individual puppy. Prices start at $650. Each puppy will be priced according to it’s qualities, such as uncommon coat colors, eye colors & pigments. Each puppy we feature for sale is healthy, vaccinations kept current, wormed on schedule, & safe topical flea/tick/chewinglice/mosquito repellants are used on my dogs and puppies. They’re well socialized, & potty training techniques go into affect at age 5weeks. Leash acquainting (with safety harness and leash) is begun between ages 6 & 8 weeks.

I Love these puppies. I love my puppy parents. I take great pride in knowing that they are cared for and loved by me until they go to their forever home. I have turned down people in the past. I keep that right as a breeder only because I want to make sure my puppies go to the right home, the best fit, the perfect place. I ask for a puppy questionnaire to help me make a decision to which family would be best. I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or pass any judgment. This is not something I take lightly. I do not produce Shih Tzu puppies for a quick buck. You will not find that here.

These little guys have been loved and nurtured just as their parents. It is my responsibility to make sure they have the best possible home just as I have given their parents. I would not be a responsible breeder if I did not screen potential buyers. I will not sell a puppy with out the questionnaire filled out and references checked up on. This is my promise first to the puppies and secondly to you. I am asked several times why do you need to know if I have a yard or a vet or if I have given a pet away before. The simple reason is this helps me determine if my puppies will be loved and cared for as they deserve. It honesty takes less then 5 minutes to fill out and I feel if someone is not willing to fill it out to take 5 minutes to answer simple questions then they probably do not have the time to take care of a puppy. I hope everyone reading this doesn’t think I am pushy or harsh. I truly am only tying to make a perfect match. Today was rough, I had someone on the phone with me while at work for 10 minutes grilling me on why I needed this information. I finally had to say.”I do not need any information if you are unwilling to answer it I am unwilling to sell a puppy to you”. Good day!

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